A JICA está oferecendo os seguintes cursos online de Treinamento no Japão:

  • “Stabilizing Power Systems to Introduce Various Kinds of Renewable Energy (B)”
    • Course No. 2021006487-J001
    • Prazo de inscrição até 05/Julho/2021
    • Course Period: August 23- September 3, 2021
      • For what? Participants obtain skills and knowledge on planning and designing the electric power system to stably accommodate large amounts of VRE based on the understanding of the characteristics and challenges of VRE and electric power system in each country.
      • For whom? This program is designed for the Engineers in charge of planning / designing electric power system (e.g. transmission and substation facilities) of leading organizations in charge of electric power system.
  • “Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting (DTTB) Policy and Engineering”
    • Course No. 202003145-J001
    • Prazo de inscrição até 09/Julho/2021
      • For what? To provide useful knowledge, techniques and clues for effective digitalization of TV broadcasting by learning digital broadcasting technology and theories.
      • For whom? This program is offered to officers working at broadcasting organizations and its related governmental organizations of the countries which have adopted or are considering ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial) as their digital terrestrial TV broadcasting system.
  • “Improvement of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support System (kokoro-no-care) in Disaster Situation”
    • Course No.  202003003-J002
    • Prazo de inscrição até 12/Julho/2021
      • For what? This program is designed to learn about mental health and psychosocial support system(MHPSS, or kokoro-no-care system in Japan) and to develop capacities of key officials for dissemination in respective countries. Furthermore, as COVID-19 has been putting tremendous impact on every aspect of daily live across the world, it is crucial to learn the impact of COVID-19 from psychological perspective. The program also offers an opportunity to understand the ways in which how the pandemic affecting our every aspect of mental health and share experiences related with COVID-19 among lecturers and participants.
      • For whom? This program is offered to officials in central/local government or medical institution in charge of implementation/operation for mental health and psychosocial care service.
  • “Development of Human Resources Adaptable to Industry Needs in Electrical and Electronic Engineering” – for InstructorsTeachers in University, Polytech College and Diploma Courses of TVET Institutions
    • Course No. 202002981-J001
    • Prazo de inscrição até 16/Julho/2021
      • For what? This program is designed to develop human resources who can integrate the gaps between education and actual technology in industry by enhancing practical teaching capacity in universities, vocational training schools with diploma course, polytechnic institutes, polytechnic colleges and industrial high schools. The purpose is to solve problem of the “missing middle” in Asia and Africa by means of human resource development in electrical and electronic engineering which is a main social infrastructure.
      • For whom? This program is offered to universities, vocational training schools with diploma course, polytechnic institutes, polytechnic colleges and industrial high schools dealing with Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  • “Policy Planning skills for Implementation of REDD+ (for Government Executives)
    • Course No. 202003229J001
    • Prazo de inscrição até 29/Julho/2021
      • For what? In order to promote “Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+)” in developing countries, this program aims at enhancing the capacity of government executives or mid-level officials to plan and implement policies based on their own countries’ situations by taking the international framework and requirements into consideration.
      • For whom? This program is designed for executive officers or mid-level officials of national / local governments who are engaged in policymaking, institutional arrangement and implementation of REDD+
  • “Design and Maintenance of Semi Aerobic Landfill Site (Fukuoka Method)”
    • Course No. 202003242-J001
    • Prazo de inscrição até 09/Agosto/2021
    • Course Period: From November 1, 2021 to December 2, 2021
      • For what? This training program intends to promote introduction and effective
        management of semi aerobic landfill (Fukuoka Method), one of techniques for
        final disposal site. Participants are able to enhance practical knowledge and
        techniques, as the curriculum covers design, maintenance, and conservation of
        surrounding environment.
      • For whom? This program is offered to the staffs in charge of management and
        maintenance of the final disposal sites.
  • “Capacity Building in International Law and Policy Formation for Enhancement of Measures to Ensure Cybersecurity”
    • Course No. 2021003144-J001
    • Prazo de inscrição até 20/Agosto/2021
      • For what? The program aims to strengthen and promote cybersecurity measures by capacity development of officials engaged in cybersecurity regulations and policies, based on the international trends including socioeconomic impact of internet governance and free flow of data.
      • For whom? This program is designed for the government agencies (ministries and agencies), government CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), or National CSIRT.

Informações detalhadas dos cursos e formulário de inscrição

Acessar o site: https://www.jica.go.jp/brazil/portuguese/office/courses/index.html

Procedimentos para inscrição

Acessar o site: http://www.jica.go.jp/brazil/portuguese/office/activities/brazil03_02.html

Orientações gerais

A instituição interessada em indicar candidatos para o curso da JICA devem encaminhar uma cópia do “Application Form” datada e assinada para jicabr-training@jica.go.jp

  1. Ler o Informativo do curso e providenciar os documentos como: “Inception Report”, “Organization Chart” e “Questionnaire” (caso solicitado no informativo do curso);
  2. Preencher o “Application Form” com endereço completo incluindo o CEP, preencher o “Official Application” com a assinatura da Instituição (pessoa autorizada a permitirá a saída para o Japão);
  3. Anexar ao “Application Form” o “Inception Report”, “Organization Chart” e “Questionnaire”, caso solicitado no informativo do curso, juntamente com diploma de graduação, atestado médico em inglês, teste de proficiência do Inglês em Inglês, cópia do passaporte e, caso possua, cópia do visto americano.

Obs.: O nome do candidato deve estar de acordo com o nome no passaporte.

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